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Supplying and applying Safety Films forms an important part of our work. Safety Film usually takes the form of an optically clear film which is applied (in the majority of cases) to the inside of the glass. External versions are available but with a limited number of colour options and widths.

Technofilm have many years of experience in the specification and application of safety films, we provide a full service including estimation; site survey; glass safety surveys; peel tests to certify existing applications; and installation. Where necessary filmed glass is marked in accordance with UK / European regulations.

Please contact us for more information, details or further examples. We also keep a selection of films in stock and would be pleased to post samples if required.

The Regulations

There are a number of statutory regulations that apply to any glass that can be considered to be other than domestic. All glass that falls under the regulations requires to be "safe". This means that the glass should perform in a certain way should it break. For new glass installations this would usually mean installing laminated or toughened glass. For existing glass it is far more cost effective to apply safety film.

The British Standard - BS 6206 specifies the exact type and degree of protection that is necessary for any glass installation. In addition it specifies what degree of protection is necessary based on glass thickness and overall area. The diagram below shows how the regulation is applied to existing (installed) glass. Technofilm would recommend safety film application to any unmarked (kite and safety mark) glass in all the areas shown in red below. In school, hospital and similar critical locations we would further recommend that areas 3 and 1 should also be considered.